Access All Rooms signs new hotels to site

Access All Rooms, has added two new hotels to it’s current listing. Rockliffe Hall Hotel in County Durham and Leopold Hotel in Sheffield. Access All Rooms is a hassle free hotel booking website, specially designed for those with mobility and sensory impairments. The website rates hotels on accessibility, grading them on features like doorway widths and light switch height.
Rockliffe Hall Hotel is the only 5 Red Star resort in the North of England, it’s located next to the River Tees in the peaceful County Durham countryside. This makes the hotel the perfect place to get away from a busy lifestyle without the worry of suitability in terms of accessibility.
Access All Room’s second signing, the Leopold Hotel, is a four star Boutique Hotel. With its quirky and luxurious restoration from an old grade two listed grammar school, it makes it a great meeting point for either business or leisure, allowing guests to enjoy afternoon tea, the well stocked bar and beautiful terrace.
The Access All Rooms website uses a Global Access Award Scheme (GAAS) rating system. This works with a 5 star rating display which provides information on accessible rooms and hotels, allowing everyone to find accommodation suitable for them.