Work Life Balance

Here at Voice Communications we think it’s important to have a work life balance. According to the Mental Health Foundation nearly three in ten employees* in any one year are experience mental health problems, and it’s caused by our increasingly demanding work lives. This increase in working hours could make us neglect other important factors in our lives, subsequently having a dramatic impact on our quality of life.
Some of the best ways to make sure you are getting a healthy work life balance include speaking up at work when you feel things are getting too much, prioritising your tasks in order to keep productive and structured throughout the day. Also making sure you draw a line between work and leisure so that you can properly switch off at the end of each day.
We are lucky to be based in the beautiful Layer Marney Tower, surrounded by countryside, and we take full advantage of this to maintain our healthy work life balance. We place great importance on taking breaks and enjoying our surroundings, much to the delight of our office dog Alfie who comes with us! We pride ourselves on the positive energy found in our friendly and open office, and even attend a weekly meditation session every Thursday evening to manage our stress effectively. We also enjoy team fun nights every month such as an evening trip to the theatre.