As a B-corporation we are dedicated to creating positive impacts for our communities, teams, clients and our environment. This is an ethos that has always been part of Voice.

This year has been a year to remember for many reasons and it’s always good to sit back and reflect on what we have been through and more importantly what we have achieved from a positive perspective.

We asked some of our Voice employees what 2020 has taught them as being part of a B-Corp Business;


“B-Corp is an open, supportive and inclusive community, this year it has been more important than ever to work in a values led and like-minded environment. It has helped us all become even more conscious consumers and share products and experiences with one another.

It has provided greater clarity when making business decisions and has ensured that we continue to attract businesses that share our values and vision. In addition, we have been able to attract more values led members to the team – who get us and embody our values.”


“We need to look after our planet, people and the world around us – more and more people / businesses are aware of this now and hopefully we are at the start of a real movement for change across all industries and sectors, and also society as a whole.

Reflection is important, from a personal and professional level, to ensure that we can be the very best version of ourselves within the business environment.”


“B-Corp really highlights the importance of giving back, both in a personal and professional sense. It has given me more of a focus on sustainability, on being values led and overcoming hurdles as a team.”


“Kindness and compassion are everything. From work, to home to politics I think lifting each other up is vital. Being a B-Corp company allows us to see each team member, our partners and our clients as an individuals and I think this is so important.”


“It has highlighted to me the importance of giving back but also creating awareness of people’s mental health. I think a positive work environment and a collaborative team plays an incredibly important role in achieving this. And lastly a definite focus on sustainability.”


“There are so many businesses that are striving to be better and are working hard to achieve positive change. I’ve found out about so many amazing companies through B-Corp and it has encouraged me to shop more consciously.

The community that B-Corp has created is great. It’s amazing to see other companies from a range of industries and sectors that uplift and support each other.”


“It’s taught me how important it is to use our B-Corp voice across all digital platforms – now more than ever with digital marketing being so prominent.

It has helped create a closer community with people sharing the same values and create a sense of togetherness in an otherwise uncertain time.”


“B-Corp businesses have shown me that businesses aren’t only profit, they can balance the need for the planet and their staff.

B-Corp businesses see every employee as a person and not as a number or a productivity graph on a spreadsheet. They see the human being behind the number and know the value of a healthy work/life balance that some other organisations tend to forget or choose to ignore.”