Voice takes part in ‘Solo Camp’ with The Wilderness Foundation

Voice team member, Lucy Embleton took part in The Wilderness Foundations unusual challenge – a solo camp.
This week Lucy and several other likeminded individuals spent quality time alone with nature at Chatham Green in Essex. This very personal challenge is often a powerful and moving experience for participants, leaving them to contemplate purpose, goals and changes in their life. To be completely alone, and self-reliant within the sounds, smells and sights of nature strips us down to primal and instinctive emotions, providing clarity that is difficult to achieve during the busy lives most of us lead.
Led by Wilderness Foundation team members and experienced outdoor facilitators, Jo Roberts and Helen Payne, the solo camp began with an introductory session to help participants prepare, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge required to complete the camp successfully. With a full kit list and a complete set of joining instructions which were provided in advance, Lucy and co came fully equipped.
“The solo camp is unlike anything that I have ever done before. Spending time alone, with only nature and my own thoughts for company, was an extremely revitalising experience and one that I would encourage anyone to try” says Lucy.
If you would like to find out more, please visit the Wilderness Foundations website: www.wildernessfoundation.org.uk/event/mini-solo-camp-at-the-wilderness-foundation/ or contact Helen or Jo on 0300 123 3073