Voice Communications Strengthens its Digital Offering

Videos are a key content tool for businesses across the digital landscape. This is reflected by the fact that social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have become more focused on video in recent times. Here at Voice, we understand the need for video footage and have recently introduced a new service to help our clients and other businesses gain a more interactive following.
The power of video speaks for itself when taking a quick glance at YouTube. As revealed by Fortunelords.com, a total of over three billion hours are spent watching videos online each month. As for YouTube’s versatility, its videos can be easily viewed on mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads, which rake in over a billion views each day. As a result, videos have become an essential part of the marketing mix.
We recently visited our client, The Vintage Garden Tractor Company, to film an introductory video for its brand-new YouTube channel. All of our equipment is easy to transport and set up so we were able to visit The Vintage Garden Tractor Company on site at their workshop and obtain some excellent footage. The video was edited in-house by our experts and then uploaded it to the company’s YouTube channel (also created by us.) To watch the video, click here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOnt8dmw-xY
Whether you are looking for some help planning creative videos or need a full video service, why not find out more today by getting in touch: [email protected] / 01206 332110