Whether it be the perfectly formulated lip liner or the latest miracle in skin care, the beauty industry has us hooked with every trend on offer. Last year in the UK alone, the cosmetic industry was said to be worth nearly £10billion[1]. Behind every successful beauty brand is a well-planned PR and marketing strategy, consisting of innovative and creative content, which has us rushing to the local salon or department store ready to purchase the latest must-have product.
So, what is the secret?
Here at Voice we have devised a few tips and tricks to help your brand break into the billion-dollar industry:

  • Make sure your social media is a cut above the rest!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more. Over the last few years social media has exploded leaving us watching our favourite stars every move, ready to recreate their A List beauty routine. Take Kylie Jenner for example, who has built her brand using her huge social media following. Following this success, the reality star is now set to become one of Forbes youngest billionaires, with her make up brand Kylie Cosmetics[2].
So, what can we learn from this? In order to take your beauty brand to the next level social media can be a great way to reach new consumers and create brand awareness.
In this fast-paced digital age, you need to be ahead of the game. Creating content which keeps up with the latest digital marketing trends will help keep your brand relevant and set you aside from the rest.
Posting regularly is integral to keep your following growing!
Making sure you post updates on your latest launches, events, reviews and coverage to help boost your brand and ensure your following is always ready for your next move. A great tip for keeping on top of this includes creating monthly content calendars, so your content is always ready to go. You can also add some ad-hoc updates too to keep up with the daily trends.

  • Influencers

Taking the digital world by storm is a new breed of influencers. From YouTubers to bloggers, every lipstick review they share has us hanging onto their every word. This new wave of digital marketing can help add authenticity to your brand with a review from a trusted influencer.
Influencers are a powerful way to promote your brand and boost awareness. No matter what scale the influencer is on from smaller followings to big names such as Zoella and Huda Kattan, a simple mention can sell out a product instantly.
When trying to look for key bloggers to promote your brand make sure they fit your niche and hold similar values to you. For example, if your business offers cruelty free products partnering up with bloggers who also promote similar values will gain trust in your products. Find the right content creator for you and you’ll be able to reach your target market and build trust, allowing you to smash your engagement goals.

  • Tackling the media

Whether you are having a flick through a magazine on the sofa, or reading an article on the train to work, consumers are constantly looking for the latest ground-breaking beauty product. Gaining coverage in the right places is key to launching any successful product and gaining the recognition you need to grow. Creating press releases tailored to the magazine you are trying to secure a feature in is key to success. Designing media lists for both trade and consumers will help drive content to your target audiences.
Looking at the forward features of the media in which you want to gain coverage can ensure you secure features in all the right places.