Top Tips for Blogging from Local Essex Bloggers

Back in September, we shared our thoughts on why blogging is so powerful and what the future of the blogosphere looks like. If you didn’t read this post, don’t worry, we’ve linked it here *shameless plug*.
This post lead us to thinking…We spend so much of our time as PR experts advising brands on why they should work with bloggers but we don’t spend half as much time providing this support for bloggers. That brings us onto this blog post…
Starting a blog can be a daunting process. [1]By 2020, the number of bloggers is expected to reach 31.7 million. You’re probably now wondering “With so many people blogging, what can I do to make my blog a success?”. We’ve teamed up with some lovely Essex bloggers who have shared their tips and tricks on blogging to help you get started.

  1. Grace –

Be consistent.  Not only is it crucial to have consistency with your written tone, posting habits and blog design but also how you choose to portray yourself and what you truly believe in. Nail this and you’ll be well on your way to developing solid blog branding which is reflective of yourself and your passions.”
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  1. Harriet –

“Be true to yourself and your blog! Sure it’s great to take on sponsored posts, but make sure you write them for genuine reasons. If posting on Instagram every day isn’t realistic, then don’t do it just because others do; it will come across as forced. Stick to what what feels right for you  – and if others get on board with that, great!”  
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  1. Penny –

Be true to yourself and never try to fit in. It’s so easy to be swept along when you see what everyone else is doing, but trying to mould yourself to be something other than your own natural self will never work out in the long run. Your USP is always you and it’s important to embrace that. It’s also crucial to keep reminding yourself that we can’t all be The Next Big Thing and that your value is not defined by numbers – whether that be followers or page views. As long as you’re blogging with a true heart, a good message and enjoying it, then that is all that matters.”
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  1. Kerry –

“I think my top tip is be true to yourself. Don’t post stuff just because you think it will be popular. People will see through this and then you lose your integrity. I think once integrity is lost, your readers don’t trust or believe you.”
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  1. Clare –

Be yourself. Everyone is individual so find your own writing style and stick to it. There’s no one size fits all in blogging and what works for other a may not work for you so stay true to your own style.”
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  1. Sarah –

Don’t expect everything to happen overnight, blogging takes hard work and a lot of time dedicated to it!
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  1. Jo –

“Don’t be obsessed with charts, blogging awards and your place in the ranks! Chill and write when it suits you and for you!
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  1. Marianne –

“Be consistent and innovative. The blogging world keeps changing by the day. Strategies that worked previously may not work in a current context. Comparison is good so far as it puts you on your toes to persevere.”
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  1. Kate – Https://

Write with passion. Once you’ve found your ‘voice’, it’s essential to be passionate about your subject because if you’re not interested in writing it, others are unlikely to be interested in reading it! So, whether it’s a personal subject or an ad you’re tasked with writing, be creative and find an angle that inspires you and/or adds value to the reader.”
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  1. Cassie

 “There’s so much more to blogging than simply “writing”. It surprised me to learn that. How much of it you choose learn and undertake will typically quantify how successful your blog becomes. Try to decide early on what it is you actually expect from your blog and why you are writing it. It will help you keep your focus and passion for it.” 
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