RSE Technologies Launches Scan Trak to Provide the Ultimate Lifecycle Management Solution

Combining the accuracy of 3D Point Cloud Scanning with the ease of a modern web-based asset management platform, RSE Technologies has launched ScanTrak as a disruptive innovative solution for the FM industry.
Developed alongside another industry leading business, TRACKIT, ScanTrak combines specialist knowledge into one innovative platform. The collective expertise brings together 3D scanning technology and full cycle cloud asset management software. The result is the ultimate lifecycle management solution.
Russell Stilwell (MD of RSE Technologies) and Steve Beber (CEO of TRACKIT) recognised that there was an opportunity to develop a solution which overcame challenges faced in the FM sector. Both businessmen have vast experience in their respective industries and realised that their combined knowledge and skill set could plug a gap in the market. Working together, they started to develop ScanTrak as an innovative platform which would help transform the FM sector.
ScanTrak is easy to use and ensures that it is simple to collect, input and maintain data, providing countless benefits. These include easy emergency access, negating the need for hardcopy plans and the consolidation of information into one cloud space. Any individual with permission is able to access this data, which reduces the reliance on one or two individuals.
Additionally, ScanTrak enables users to accurately monitor and adhere to industry regulations, including risk mitigation through visual and data reporting.