2022 is just around the corner…we know, we can’t believe it either. What a year it has been, there have been ups and downs for most of us, we are sure, however 2021 has shown us the power of what can be achieved when you come together.

Humanity and kindness have truly paved the way.

Over the past year, we have continued to use our voice for good so that we can make positive change to the world around us. We are extremely grateful to be in such a fortunate position that has allowed us to grow as a business.

From opening our brand new office in Newquay to hiring new team members, the Voice team is proud to share some of their highlights from 2021.

Katie Molyneaux, Senior Account Executive

“I feel like there are so many highlights from this year. Voice celebrated its one-year B-Corp birthday, we welcomed Mya to the team and I became Senior Account Executive. Throughout 2021, continuing to develop client relationships has been really important to me and here at Voice, we get to work with such amazing people including the team at Oltco. It has been great being able to regularly visit Cornwall to see Oltco as well as our brand new office space.”

Emily Sinfield, Digital Marketing Specialist

“The team has grown, including welcoming Mya to the team, and each individual member has developed so much within their roles throughout the year and it has been great to see. I personally have really loved having mentoring with Jonathan at Emarketeers to evolve and increase the digital offering here at Voice.

“Working with brands to elevate their online presence is something that I love, especially when it comes to working with businesses which are also committed doing good. As a B-Corp, we are committed to helping those also going through the accreditation process and so one of my highlights has been creating a PR package that can help support this.”

Sam Cain, PPC Executive

Growth has also been a huge highlight for our PPC Executive Sam as 2021 was the year he gave his first presentation, he became more comfortable in himself and his role, as well as speaking up about his ADHD.

He is also loving Voice’s new office space at The Feel Good building. Sam said: “I’ve met some amazing people at The Feel Good Building with great stories and experiences which makes it an amazing place to work.

Nichola Cain, Managing Director

“I’m super proud of how the Voice team has continued to pull together during challenging times. 2021 has not always been easy but we have made some incredible achievements.

“We recently moved in to our new Cornwall office at The Feel Good Building in Newquay, which is an amazing collaborative space for creatives and like-minded businesses and individuals – a very unique and special space.   We were proud sponsors of the first TEDxNewquay. We love supporting initiatives that are committed to creating positive impact and TEDxNewquay helps shine a spotlight on such inspirational people and businesses within the community. The event was based on the topic of renewal – a subject matter that is particularly poignant this year due to the challenges society has faced. It was a unique and relaxed event held at Newquay Community Orchard with amazing food from Canteen.

“2021 was also the year that Voice continued to expand its digital offering. Sam and Emily on our digital team have created excellent results for those brands looking to drive sales and brand awareness.

“On a personal level, I have been committed to getting out of my comfort zone and continuing to investing in my own growth. I became a fully qualified Wellness Coach and also invested in a 12 week coaching course (Recondition Your Life Academy) for myself with the amazing Lauren Vaknine. Prioritising my mental health has been incredibly important. My cold water swims with the amazing Blue Tits in Perranporth has been an important part of my week and has helped hugely with my well-being.

“Having compassion and empathy for people during these difficult times is what makes a difference to humanity and I’m proud that each member of Voice showcases this.”

Jess Gill, Senior Account Director

“2021 has seen Voice work with some incredible companies that share our values of balancing the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

“We pride ourselves on harnessing trusted and long lasting relationships and so it is great when we receive positive feedback from our clients who would like to continue working with Voice to raise awareness of their brand.

“This year, we started working with leading provider of business services solutions, SVC Solutions and the team has created some amazing results for them including securing a number of podcast interviews for its CEO Amanda.

“On a personal level, the past year has taught me how to look after myself more and explore my passions.”

Mya Anderson, Account Assistant

“2021 was the year that I joined Voice and I’m super excited to be working with the team as well as starting my apprenticeship with the PRCA. I have really loved learning about being a B-Corp as well as working with clients committed to safeguarding the environment – it has definitely made me think more about the impact society has on the planet.

“On a personal note, I have also started reading more books this year which has been really enjoyable.”

Lucy McKechnie, Account Manager

Similarly to Jess, Lucy has also loved working with new clients including SVC Solutions and Vertas to position the brands as thought leaders.

Lucy said: “Voice is continuing to grow its offering as well as its team and there have been so many learnings from the past year. It has also taught me how to invest time in to myself to strike that all important work-life balance.”

Maisie Wallace, Account Manager

“2021 was definitely the year where I took ownership of my mental wellbeing. I learnt that I love to run, I started meditating and I begun to put myself first. Voice is such a great advocate for positive mental health and we have access to such amazing support including The Collective from Outliers Wellbeing.

“I also became Account Manager which is a huge highlight for me. It’s been great to work with new brands and be part of raising awareness of the good they are doing, for example Land & Water’s commitment towards becoming carbon net zero by 2030.”

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