My experience with nature based therapy has been overwhelmingly positive and has made a real difference to my mental and physical health.

I personally believe that there’s great value in removing yourself from the stresses of daily life and moving to a place where time seems to stand still and you’re only focusing on your basic needs. In my opinion, this relaxes you more than if you were just meditating at home or trying hard to relax.

Doing group therapy in a nature based setting increases its effectiveness tenfold. Using objects in nature to express yourself and be creative as well as lowering the barriers that society makes us put up, the fear of being judged or dismissed. Being able to share in a group and hearing other people speak has been extremely powerful.

For me personally, being circled around a fire calms my mind and takes away the stress and worries of life.  I am not thinking about chores, projects or any other distractions. I can focus completely on myself.

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