Metallic elephant supply printing blocks to celebrate release of new Hollywood blockbuster

To celebrate the release of the new film ‘In The Heart Of The Sea’ The Times has been inspired to produce an authentic reprint of the original reports of the Essex whaling ship being sunk in 1820.
Not only did the story of the Essex go on to inspire one of Hollywood’s latest offerings it was also the a story that prompted Herman Melville to pen the novel Moby Dick.
To add more detail to their re-print of this historic tale, The Times commissioned Metallic Elephant, based in Frating, to create printing blocks for both a picture and the header for the article.
After inspiring Herman Melville to write the novel, Moby Dick, the story of the Essex whaling ship has been developed in to the new film ‘In the heart of the sea’ out in cinema’s now.
To mark the release of the film The Times sourced all the original news articles and put them together with Metallic Elephants expertly crafted printing blocks to commemorate this historic event.
If you’re interested in finding out more on the final article, take a look