Make a bang with your social media platforms

We’re here to help you increase your social media following and engagement, so we’d like to share with you one of our top tips on how to get a social media audience engaging with you.
Kittens or puppies?
See what we did there? We caught your attention. So now you need to know why we asked you a completely random question, right?
Did you know that having engaging content is integral to attracting new followers to your social media platforms? To help increase your page followers and your post engagement you need to be on top of your content, this can be done simply by asking questions in your posts.
Having conversations and feedback from your followers is important to increase engagement on your posts, just add questions once a week and you will see the difference.
So don’t worry if you prefer coffee over tea, skimmed or full fat milk, just ask the question and see who answers.
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