Did you know that this week is the International Week Of Happiness At Work?

Founded in 2017, the annual awareness week is dedicated to helping businesses to improve happiness within the workplace for all employees. It is thought that, if employees are happy they will be more “productive, flexible, resilient, creative and work better with their colleagues.” This initiative also provides top tips on how any business can achieve happiness within the work place.

Here at Voice Communications, we understand how important it is to be happy in the work place and how happiness breeds loyalty, success, good mental health, a sense of security and acceptance. To celebrate International Week of Happiness At Work, some of the members of the Voice team have shared what makes them happy at work and our Managing Director Nichola, has shared her top tips for ensuring happiness in the work place.


Nichola really appreciates being able to work with dynamic and awesome individuals who genuinely care and support one another, both inside work and outside. Nichola loves to work alongside inspiring clients, partner agencies and with our recent B-Corp accreditation, Nichola loves knowing that the company she founded is truly dedicated to making a difference. It’s Voice’s unique energy and ethos which really makes Nichola happy to work in Cornwall everyday.


Our Senior Account Director Jess, loves being able to spend time with people who are friends first and foremost, before being colleagues. The incredible countryside surrounding Layer Marney Tower fills Jess with utter joy and she is extremely grateful for having the freedom to enjoy the fields and nature around it. As a keen history enthusiast, Jess also finds working in a historic building very interesting. So everyday, Jess is happy about being in the workplace!   


What makes Meg really happy in the workplace is being able to laugh every single day and spending time with her colleagues that she genuinely enjoys working with. As a Senior Account Manager, Meg loves that she gets to work with an array of clients, as everyday and every task is different.


For our Account Manager Lucy, what makes her happy in the workplace is the people she works with! As you spend a lot of time with your colleagues throughout the working week, it’s important that you get on well with them.

Nichola’s top tips for happiness in the workplace:

  • Bring a dog to the office, it adds a very special dynamic and being around dogs has proven to reduce stress.
  • Make sure you get outside every day for a walk in the fresh air.
  • Remember to breathe fully.
  • Laugh as much as possible.
  • Eat healthily, enjoy some nourishing food away from your desk and computer screen.

If you would like to find out more about The International Week Of Happiness At Work, click the link below: