Social media is an amazing tool which provides us all an opportunity to propel our messages into the trending conversation topics of the day.
With massive audiences at the fingertips of brand marketers, campaigns can be created and delivered with the click of a mouse. And that is exactly where the reactionary marketing of IKEA hit the jackpot.
When it emerged that the iconic Game of Thrones characters were shrouded from the winter weather in nothing other than IKEA’s very own SKOLD rug, the Swedish retailer posted a do-it-yourself guide on its Facebook page to help fans achieve the look. This ‘Vinter Skuldervarmer’, as it was so called, quickly became a viral success, reaching 151 million internet users who have posted 83,500 messages in reaction. The impromptu marketing campaign has also had a domino effect on the product itself, with a 775% rise in searches for the SKOLD rug and a “good impact” on sales commented Ikea.
It isn’t the first time IKEA has adopted a reactive approach to pop culture news. When luxury fashion brand Balenciago announced its couture remake of IKEA’s blue shopping bag, the Swedish brand quickly responded with a series of posts about how to recognise an “original” 40p Ikea frakta bag.
So how should you be using reactionary marketing to obtain the rewards?
It’s all about spontaneity
Do not set a fixed marketing strategy, be flexible. Opportunities will arise for your business each and every day and you need to take advantage of these developments to benefit your business.
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