Award winning UK business, Femmecup, has recently launched a campaign on crowd sourcing platform Indiegogo to raise at least £30,000 in order to become a fully-fledged ONE FOR ONE business. Some know this concept as BUY ONE, GIVE ONE, thereby helping many thousands more women and girls both in the UK and Worldwide.  Femmecup is working with the charity CRISIS in the UK to reach homeless women and women in refuges nationwide.
Femmecup is stocked in national retailers in the UK and exports to 20 countries.  Femmecup first became involved with charitable projects in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Nepal, offering thousands of women and girls access to low cost, safe, reliable, discreet and much needed sanitary protection.  They could go to school again every day of the month, function normally during their period and regain their self-respect, shrugging off the shame they often felt about menstruating.
Femmecup is reusable; one Femmecup lasts for years and replaces up to 2,000 disposable tampons and pads with all their associated paper and plastic packaging.  The waste reduction is enormous.
Waterways and oceans are cleaner as a result of using Femmecup, drainage systems stay clear of blockages, landfill waste is reduced and disposal issues become a thing of the past.
For some women in developing countries their period means exclusion, shame and embarrassment.  For girls it means time off school every single month, this impacts their education leaving them disadvantaged and as a result some are forced into marriage at a young age.  Giving a school girl just one Femmecup would enable them to have reliable, safe, comfortable protection that would take them through the rest of their years of schooling; this is simply life changing.
Closer to home we can offer women the chance to have a reusable, low cost, healthy, green alternative to toxic, irritating tampons and pads.  A homeless woman who is given a Femmecup instantly has sanitary protection for years to come; the worry each month is gone.  Femmecup even reduces cramps in nearly 40% of users compared to tampons; a benefit for every woman from any walk of life.
Health issues are also addressed, unlike tampons there is almost no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome when using Femmecup.  There are no irritating fibres, toxins, absorbency gels and bleaches that most tampons and pads contain.  Many women in developing countries do not even have access to conventional sanitary protection, they are forced to use rags, grass, leaves and even mud which harbour harmful bacteria and cause irritation and infection.
Femmecup has successfully been working with NGOs in Kenya, Nepal, Ghana and Uganda for the past few years, distributing thousands of Femmecups and improving women’s lives.
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Femmecup is available at from £19.99.