Another PR Success for Voice

We often get asked – does PR work? Results aren’t often instant and the benefits are harder to track than other marketing tactics. However, there are a few handy metrics we can use to measure the success of a press release project or campaign. We recently received amazing results for our client, HayPigs!, and we wanted to share the awesome response they have had on the back of the coverage we secured.
HayPigs! designs toys, feeders and accessories for guinea pigs and other small animals. Their range of bespoke products has a circus theme and is designed to enhance and enrich the everyday lives of small furries and their humans. Rik and Helen, owners of the brand, were looking to raise awareness of the circus range and generate more sales in the lead up to Christmas. We carried out a press release project targeting national and consumer titles to encourage them to feature HayPigs! in a Christmas gift guide.
Now ask us what makes a great sell-in and we will tell you it’s persistence, motivation and belief. This magic formula paid off as we secured HayPigs! very own Cavy Cannonball toy on the front cover of The Sunday Times Home supplement. The product was part of a wider feature about the perfect Christmas gifts for pets, and showcased something a little different in a market saturated with products for cats and dogs.
Aside from the awesome coverage, Rik and Helen have seen a tangible impact on their sales, achieving a record number of orders and making over £1,000 worth of sales in one day as a result of the feature. From this one piece of coverage alone, they have achieved a return on investment of almost 200%!
However, the results don’t end there. When the paper was released, traffic to the HayPigs! website increased by a whopping 400%! The paper itself receives an average of 1.83m readers a week which means a whole load of potential customers may have discovered the brand.
So, although we may be bias because we love the PR industry – we do believe that these kind of results do the talking for us.
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