It has been reported that 1 in 10 children have no one to talk to in school when they are worried or sad.[1] Each year more and more individuals are struggling to cope with mental health issues with rising rates of depression and anxiety and this is something that needs to be changed. Although we may be biased, we believe our clients are doing an amazing job in promoting positive mental health amongst the younger generation to keep them thriving.
RSE Building Services
RSE Building Services is working to inspire the next generation to consider a career within the construction industry. Worrying statistics revealed that the overall appeal of having a career in the construction industry has fallen to only 4.2 out of 10 among 14 to 19 year olds.[2]
Russell Stilwell, Group Director of the RSE Group, is working with students at Quilters Primary School in Billericay to engage with them and open them up to the exciting opportunities the construction industry has to offer.
The construction industry offers a practical learning environment where young people can thrive. Russell hopes to encourage schools to offer practical training and skills as a standard to open up a career path into the industry.
By World Mental Health Day 2019, Russell hopes to secure funding to instigate an initiative for schools to change young people’s perception of the industry.
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Similarly to RSE, Red7Marine is passionate about paving a career path for young people into the construction industry.
This year, Red7Marine launched a Training Academy at its previous HQ in Wrabness. The company launched a two-week Marine Recruits Foundation course which combines classroom activities with a practical-hands on approach, teaching recruits valuable marine skills which will be used throughout their careers.
This amazing step is not only helping to combat the longstanding skill shortage within the construction industry but also opening up the opportunity for young people to take a step into the industry.
Royal Pigeon Racing Association
The Royal Pigeon Racing Association (RPRA) offers amazing packages to schools and educational establishments to introduce their students into pigeon racing.
The RPRA offers free school lesson-based visits. One package highlights the role of pigeons in both World Wars and includes subjects such as war poetry, code breaking and more. The second session focusses on modern day racing and covers a number of subjects including Geography, Mathematics and Science. The RPRA also offers help with funding if schools wish to construct and implement their own pigeon loft.
The RPRA receives many stories from individuals whose lives has changed through pigeon racing. Pigeon racing offers opportunities for social inclusion and competition, thereby helping with individuals’ wellbeing, encouraging a positive mental state.
Just one story alone that sticks out to us is about 28-year-old Chris Williams from Weymouth who has cerebral palsy. Chris has experienced a tough few years after a nervous breakdown and grieving after his grandmother passed away. Chris doesn’t know where he would be today without his birds and says they ‘saved his life’. World Mental Health Day has provided a great opportunity for the RPRA to promote its incredible sport to encourage other young people to take up pigeon racing to see what journey it could take them on.
So, what about us?
Well, here at Voice we pride ourselves on the processes we have in place to promote a positive working environment for all employees.
We ensure our team members have monthly mentoring with another team member. Whether it is a chat in our favourite coffee shop or in a private office, it’s the perfect time to offer employees a chance to open up about how they are feeling.
Team members also have a two-hour coaching session once a month with business coach, Julie Clements. This session allows the team to speak about anything that is making them feel worried or anxious whether it is work-related or not.
World Mental Health Day is extremely important, but we believe every day we should encourage a positive mental mind set to create an environment in which we can all thrive.
[2] UK Construction: An Economic Analysis of the Sector (July 2013)