Here at Voice, we love being our clients’ cheerleaders and shouting about the great work that they do within their industries.

As a PR agency, one the things we love doing is positioning our clients and their businesses as thought leaders within the sector they work in. From recruitment to construction, we’re well versed in shining a spotlight on the knowledge and expertise of our clients.

Being a thought leader not only sets you apart from competitors, putting you at the forefront of your field, but it helps to gain exposure for your organisation.

Here’s why securing thought leadership articles is one of our favourite aspects of PR:

It creates a platform to share knowledge in order to act as a form of support

A thought leader can build trust within its community and act as a form of support for clients, brands and other business leaders.

It is an opportunity to be seen as an authority within your field, which others will come to when they require advice, informed content and more.

From writing LinkedIn articles to creating engaging social media content for your brand, commenting on news topics within the media or writing a blog for your website, knowledge can be shared as a form of support in many different ways.

We recently secured a great thought leadership article for our client Amanda at SVC Solutions where she shared her insight in to the furlough scheme ending and what this means for the current jobs market.

You can read the article in full here:

It opens up the conversation about important topics in different industries

Thought leadership articles provide a great way to raise awareness of a topic which might be affecting your sector, positioning you or your business as thinking outside the box and looking to problem solve a current pain point.

This could be topics such as mental health, sustainability or workplace culture.

It shows you as transparent, human and that you are considerate to your industry as a whole.

The Coronavirus Pandemic had a huge impact on most sectors and as a result it became a hot topic of conversation across the media landscape. All over the business community, organisations had to adapt and flex in order to remain stable throughout this challenging period – and many looked to industry leaders to help guide their journey through the pandemic. This enabled us to further leverage the skills and expertise of some of our clients, including Simply, who became part of the discussion surrounding what was next for the construction sector.

LinkedIn is a great way to create impact and show yourself as a real-life example of a leader, opening you up to a huge network of people that are looking to learn from your approach to business or life.

We love creating LinkedIn articles for this reason, as well as the fact that you can track how many times your piece of writing was viewed, shared, engaged with and more.

Read an article from Paul at Simply here.

It helps to enable our clients to make a positive difference in an area they feel passionately about

Creating a positive impact is hugely important when it comes to being a thought leader. It is an opportunity to inspire and motivate your target audience, other brands and business leaders.

CEO of Land & Water James Maclean is incredibly passionate about implementing sustainable solutions in order to work towards the Government’s goal in becoming net zero in terms of carbon emissions by 2030.

Not only is it important to create engaging pieces of work for James to share individually but it is also vital that Land & Water’s communication channels are always in line with these environmental values as well. For example consistently sharing social media posts which showcase the brand’s sustainable solutions.

From introducing a four-step carbon reduction strategy to creating wetlands that increases biodiversity, we love being able to shine a spotlight on people and businesses that are positively shaping our future.

You can find out more about James’ environmental solutions here:

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